My Rebuttals to Sam Omatseye’s PEN OF LIES

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***My Rebuttals to Sam Omatseye’s PEN OF LIES***

In those dark days precisely late 90’s when ethical journalism courage cum elegance was lacking, I singled out Sam Omatseye thoughts because of his amazingly creativity, objectivity and newsworthiness. But ever since the day he has subjected his adventurous pen to the highest bidder (the proprietor of the Nation Newspapers); my love for him has vanished into thin air.  Sam was once my oratory idol until he tore apart albeit to pieces the robes of objectivity. He was once a mentor until he jettisoned his voice of reason. His words were once pen of a ready writer until they became PEN of the highest bidder. His column was once a source of inspiration until it became the template for propaganda.

This particular write-up doesn’t just add up because his cosmetic rendition about the personality of the Ondo Governor is an off-shoot of the unbecoming hatred ACN controlled state governors and their paymaster has towards him. These needless hatred is simply because the caring heart governor refused to join their party. Must we all be in the same party? When I read this article blow by blow, I was shell-shocked to discover that this was not the man whose thoughts on National issues were once my daily devotional. The context of his narratives is weak and pottage with hurriedly baked lies.

If Omatseye had the pen audacity to name call Mimiko as a serial betrayal, then he should also be willing to publicly admit that his boss Tinubu is a master in the art of betrayal. As an egg-head student of history, I can vehemently affirm that the collapse of Alliance of Democracy was as a result of Jagaban inordinate political ambition and unquenchable thirst to be an emperor of the southwest. Please can anybody with gut prove my assertion wrong? This is no time for historical references but if am to itemize the facts, there is a lot of inferences I can draw from.

Without much ado, he who must come with equality must come with clean hands. Shout it from the rooftop that this shallow rhetoric isn’t gonna help ACN black market candidate win his hometown talk less of his constituency come the 20th. The certainty that Mimiko will win the forthcoming guber poll in Ondo State is as sure as the daybreak. Please if you see Omatseye, help tell him that this path he has chosen could soil his journalism character. Objectivity sells!



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