This article takes its source from what we call conscious mind power and subconscious mind power which is described as part of the normal individual’s personality in which mental processes function without consciousness under normal waking conditions.

Our subconscious mind power works on the thoughts fed with it and bringing these thoughts to reality through the aid of our actions is the only function it possesses.  Another thing to know about subconscious mind power is that it cannot build up thoughts; it only processes habitual thoughts be it bad or good.

Here we come to reality of consciousness, before anything comes to our subconscious mind there must be consciousness, the way we think. The mind is similar to a constantly flowing stream. However, a natural stream cannot send forth fresh water and bitter from the same source, nor yield both salt water and fresh. So it is with the mind and it thoughts; it cannot equally think negative and positive thoughts at the same time. One will rule over the other.

Since the mind reflects habitual thoughts, it is therefore our responsibility to influence our mind and brain with positive emotions, thoughts and energy as the dominating factors in our mind. Mind power is beyond positive thinking or brain power; it is thinking and believing what you think that will manifest your reality. Since this mind power is power of thought and beliefs, and these thoughts and beliefs will create the outcome of your now, you will want to stay aware to the reflections you are thinking.Image

Now, mind power is a dual system that includes your power of thought (brain) and your subconscious mind. We all have subconscious mind power. It can be the way you unconsciously handle a situation whether appropriately or not. Power of the subconscious mind comes from thoughts and beliefs of the power of your mind. Whatever you think and believe is what your subconscious mind power will produce. This is done continuously, one minute at a time. Every thought nourished regularly by your mind power will activate your subconscious mind to generate those thoughts and energy whether good or bad into your life. This is how your present and future life is created.

Your mind power and subconscious mind work together and they fashion your reality. Let’s use a parallel to help you visualize how it works. Your subconscious mind power is similar to fertile soil that consents to any seed planted inside it. Your habitual thoughts and beliefs are seeds which are being continually sown and they will eventually produce a crop. So, if you plant weeds, you will get weeds, if you plant fruit, you will get fruit. In other words, you will reap what you sow, now the conscious mind is the gardener, and it is the mind power to choose what reaches our inner garden – the subconscious!

Unfortunately, most of us do not have green crops because of lack of knowledge of this law, the psychology behind this success and because of this ignorance; we have allowed all kinds of seeds, both the good and bad, to enter. So our subconscious mind power will manifest failure, ill health and all kinds of misfortunes just as effortlessly as it will manifest success and abundance. However, it cannot manifest it both at the same time, which is why the need to constantly sow only positive seed until the fertile soil of your subconscious mind power reaps only abundance. Success is only a choice, failure is another one.

Contributory Article: Steve Olugbenga

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