“I keep six honest serving men

  (They taught me all I knew);            

  Their names are WHAT and Why and When

  And How and Where and Who.”

–      Rudyard Kipling


As a serving corps member, I’ve come to discover that there’s much more to life after the discharge certificate has been issued. I’ve come to terms with the fact that life after NYSC is not a result of experiences gathered from level of green horn to ‘Kush’ and the ability to aspire for more. I realized that life after NYSC will not just be about the curriculum vitae and other praise that may come with it but rather more of a new insight to life, a change in thinking and many assertive measures to life issues beyond the normal scope mentality and other injunctions.



I started to plan actively for life after National Youth Service right from my 100 level days in the University. Mid-way to my service year I now already have a blueprint of what I want to do with my life after wards.

When I started out, my goal was not to prepare for life after NYSC per se. I mean, I didn’t get up from the bed that morning (15th August, 2004) in Omolayo Hostel, University of Ado-Ekiti, and said “Okay from today, I will start planning for life after the service year.” No! Rather, I came across a quote from Abraham Lincoln that reads “If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I would spend six hours sharpening my axe.” With that in mind, coupled with the advice given to me by my uncle that was working then of how horrendous life after NYSC could be without proper preparation, I asked myself an important question:


The question was important because of two major reasons: First, because I had determined in my life not to spend my life working at a job. Brewing in that consciousness, there was a growing restlessness inside of me saying ‘not preparing early enough with proper answers might turn out to be suicidal.’ So, the question, “What Next” was very critical; critical to the drumbeat on my inside.

Secondly, based on the knowledge I had from the inspirational books I’d read previously, I understood the importance of asking powerful questions such as What Next? When a question like this is asked and a serious attempt is made to provide the right answer for it, it usually leads the questioner to doors of opportunities that may never have occurred to that person.

That was exactly what asking this question at this point in time did for me. All of a sudden, like a bolt from the blue, it dawned on me that whether my service year is in a few days time or a few years time, if I didn’t have a plan mapped out about what I will do next when I get to that point, I would get stuck.

The very thought that I could be stuck and a burning desire to avoid it at all costs, propelled me to start thinking seriously about what I could do if and when I’m through with my university education. Next to this thinking, was this other thought that if one finished university education and one had not discover what on earth one is living for, one may never do so again. I know better serving my father land today. You could be with university degree and still be struggling and, just about then, if you could somehow reawake the sleeping giant within you, then you could still make the most of the remaining days that are allotted to you to live on planet earth. That is a risk I’m not willing to take!

The answers to this very important question WHAT NEXT didn’t come that same year (2004). The answer came in 2006, during my 300 level days. You might be wondering for the life of you and asking “from where?” It came from the Holy Bible and the pages of books I have been feeding myself with all through those years. One of such books is Think and Grow Rich by the legendary Napoleon Hill, while the others are: Seven Habit of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Towards Empowerment For Change by David Oyedepo, Awakening the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, Goals! by Brain Tracy, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell, Why We Want You To Be Rich co-authored by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, to mention but a few.

I buried my head in the forest of those books for several months. I kept them in my room and refer to them often as my “Secular Devotional”. As it turned out, those books gave me the answer to my question, WHAT NEXT? The answer I got from the Holy Bible and the books led me into consulting and entrepreneurship. The fire the books ignited in my soul drove me to become the founder of an organization on campus in 2006 Called Make Things Happen International (MTHI): Whose scope of operation covers consultancy, research, orientation and training with Above Board Consulting serving as its subsidiary. The mandate of this organization is to “raise, nurture and equip one million new generation of leaders/entrepreneurs across the continent ofAfrica and beyond by the year 2035”. Presently, MTHI is in three states of the federation. She has also carried out several research works for banks, companies, government agencies etc with tremendous success. It also led me to become a founder member of Strategic Successful Info Int’l -an information company operated by my friend and partner Toyin Omotoso in 2005, Government of Twelve (G-12) Universities of Ado-Ekiti branch; a charity organization with headquarters based in Texas, U.S.A and I as they say, the rest is history.

Just as I said earlier, the answer to my “WHAT NEXT” question didn’t lead me directly to the present phase of my life. But it was instrumental to my being in a position to write this book and ask you the same question and with you providing answers that is not just mere rhetoric. Up till now, I’m still following the exact script I had written for myself in line with God’s purpose for my life. I do not consider myself to have attained yet like Paul said in Philippians 3:10-14. I’m still on the journey because success is a journey.

So, here comes the puzzling thing …!

If it’s so obvious that life after NYSC is an inevitable outcome for those that have been mobilized for the scheme, something that no one among us can escape; something that we cannot do without, why is it that little or no time is spared to plan for it? Why is it never considered by corps members as necessary? Why is it that many youth corpers so called are always spending their life filtering and fluttering about? Why do they become complacent and slothful in due time? Why do most youth of this age devote time to unprofitable ventures? What’s the reason under heaven why most people like to do things at the eleventh hour – when it is almost too late? Why do majority of corps members display devil-may-care attitude toward issues of their life? Why? Why? …………why?

…there are more questions than answers!

There you are thinking “yes!” but this book was conceived out of a growing passion to prove you wrong and provide more answers to those age long questions  of your destiny. It’s to encourage YOU in your post service endeavor to explain and explore opportunities beyond search for paid employment. I have been living every second of my service years trying to find genuine answers and provide cutting edge solutions. Every chapter will carry in it two presuppositions that are practicable in real life after NYSC. The answers you will find from the pages of this book will become the synopsis into your own life re-orientation after the National Youth Service Corps Scheme for a positive change.


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